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The Privacy-First, Smart Interactions Wearable for Enterprise
The Nodle M1 is an award-winning, smart wearable device that buzzes employees to help them social distance. Operational HR departments can rapidly notify employees if a coworker they have interacted with has become infected with COVID-19. It acts as a personal protective wearable to increase the safety of your employees as you reopen your business.
Creates a stronger sense of security coming back to the workplace
Empowers HR to advise employees who may be at-risk to get tested and isolate
Easy set-up and integration into business logic and operational HR systems
Made in the USA
Minimizes scale of outbreaks and risk of shutting down work operations
Privacy-by-design and secure to protect corporate and personal identity; inside and outside the workplace
Complimentary Customer Support
Durable and comfortable to wear
The Nodle M1 securely records “smart interactions” between employees — measured in time, distance, and duration (but not location) — with high accuracy, reliability, and far better precision than a smartphone-based solution. If an employee informs HR that they are infected or have tested positive for COVID-19, those who were in contact over the previous 14 days can be notified. This process transpires using an on-premises secure server, while maintaining the utmost privacy and anonymity of employees.
The Nodle M1 Uses Industry-Leading Technology
The Whisper Tracing Protocol, an open source privacy-first framework, peer-reviewed by cryptographers at MIT, Stanford, USC and Oxford University has also been leveraged by governments internationally.

The Protocol provides for secure, encrypted interactions using wireless anonymization
Included With the Solution
Coalition Enterprise Console
Mobile M1 Provisioning and Offloading App (Coalition App)
Automated Nodle M1 Provisioning
Secure, on-premises Coalition Enterprise Server, APIs
Customer service
Coalition Enterprise Console
The Coalition Enterprise Console empowers operational HR departments with mission critical insights to ensure workers are adhering to distancing guidelines and take action immediately to mitigate outbreaks. Give your employees peace of mind knowing there's a privacy-preserving system working seamlessly on the back end, and an adaptive, supportive environment if someone falls ill.
Add and remove team members
Anonymity mode: hides employee name and identity using device serial numbers and pseudonymous
API documentation and status
Manage users and billing
Manage configuration profiles and provisioning
Nodle M1 Specs
Virus Safety Technology
Secure Tracing protocol
Industry leading Privacy-First Whisper Tracing Protocol
Recording of the time and duration of interaction
Wireless Anonymization
On-premises server deployment
Buzzing vibration triggers if employees come within 6 feet of each other (or other customised setting for your workplace such as when a group comes into close proximity)
Motion-detecting accelerometer
LED indicator about wearable status, data transmission
LED indicator for battery level
Light Sensor
Compatibility Network Support using BLE
Other apps and hardware using the Whisper Tracing Protocol
Nodle M1 Server APIs for easy integration
Nodle Network Support using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
Bluetooth 4.2+
Wi-Fi (5 Ghz and 2.4Ghz)
Size and Weight
Use Cases
High-accuracy physical distance measuring and a robust smart interactions system protects employees and visitors when they have become at risk of  COVID-19 infection. The Coalition Enterprise Solution is an essential part of your toolbox to mitigate any potential virus spread thereby reducing chances of having to shutdown operations. The Nodle M1 becomes a necessary tool when people are not allowed, cannot use a smartphone when they are at work or cannot afford one.
Manufacturing Plants and Warehouses
The manufacturing work environment—production or assembly lines and other areas in busyplants where workers have close contact with coworkers and supervisors—may contributesubstantially to workers’ potential exposures. Most of the time the use of a smartphone isprohibited. In addition to implementing appropriate cleaning, sanitation, and disinfectionpractices to reduce exposure or shield workers, the Coalition Enterprise Solution and theNodle M1 acts as a personal alert system to minimise at risk interaction or to help informemployees from past exposure with infected co-workers.
Food Processing Plants
Multiple outbreaks of COVID-19 among processing facility workers have occurred. Workers in this industry  are considered one of the populations most at risk. Using the Nodle M1 can minimise scale and reduce frequency of these outbreaks.
Construction Sites
The Coalition Enterprise Solution can be easily added to the tools employers can use to ensure the safety of their workers. The environment of work makes it almost impossible to use a smartphone,  the Nodle M1 enables to protect workers, visitors and trace the spread of the virus early to test and isolate those who have been exposed.
Farming and Agriculture
In agriculture, employers often provide furnished shared worker housing and transportationvehicles. These situations require farmworkers residing together when it is possible to bealso working in the same cohorts. Using the Nodle M1 to record interactions can help limitthe spread of the virus within the same cohort of workers and stop the spread of the virusaccross cohorts based on M1-interaction data.
Cruise ships have been high risk for outbreaks because passengers spend an extended time in close quarters with people from many different countries. COVID-19 can spread between ships as well when crew members from a ship with an outbreak transfer to other ships. The Nodle M1 can institute both social distancing measures and tracing to significantly reduce the mitigating factors the industry faces in gearing up operations to set sail again.
Universities and schools
Students, campus workers, and visitors are extremely at risk since they share commonspaces and often gather in large groups. Using the Coalition Enterprise Solution and theNodle M1 can help keep the community safe particularly in settings when phone usage iseither discouraged or prohibited.
Hotels and bars
The volume of visitors and flight crews traveling make hotels a high-risk environment for thestaff working and their visitors. It is important for the management to be able to act quicklyto protect their staff when someone has been diagnosed with COVID-19 while keeping theproperties running safely and open for business.
Entertainment, Events, TV, Film, and Content Production
Small and large gatherings of people automatically create a high-risk environment and putmany employees and workers at risk of being exposed to COVID-19. The work environmentmakes it also difficult for workers to use smartphones, the Nodle M1 will help bring themback to work in a safer environment by enabling a fast response in the event someone hasbeen diagnosed with COVID-19, or is showing symptoms.
Minimum 10,000 units, refundable before parts order
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